Confidence clarification request

My question is on the second half of the ability. @Mariah?
I addition the Confidence ability also greatly increases your regeneration rate for 4 seconds when you activate it. The regeneration is stopped if you are hit during that 4 seconds, but regeneration works through poison (however, damage from poison will interrupt). In total it heals (Bushido * Bushido) / 576 + 15 hit points.

Questions I have:
1) how much is greatly? does it increase the rate (hpr rate is HPR over 10 seconds base)? or does it increase the base HPR? Does it multiply base hpr? Reduce the time from 10 to 4?

2) If I reach the max of 40 hp in LESS than 4 seconds, is the 4 seconds still a hard timer for reactivation of the skill?


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    " 1)depends on your bushido skill, it increases by +100 hpr at 120 skill, +55 at 65 skill
    2) ..."
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