Britain's Revenge

After reviewing the evidence I'm aware that Pirates are involved in our losses in the shipping lanes.Due to that we are going to allow people to act as mercenaries and seek out these pirates and eliminate the threat.This is going to be an operation that I want completed as quickly as possible so to that end once the list is released the 3 fastest crews to eliminate the pirates and provide proof of their demise will be handsomely rewarded.The names of the pirates will be released Sunday Afternoon around noon allowing everyone a fair chance to get them. I will be placing runes a Keep on Ice Island where you can drop your proof, This will be the death certificates along with a bag containing a book with your name and when\where to contact you if you are one of the winners - discord being preferred but can be on the UO forum too.


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    With so much depending on the upcoming pirate hunt I have dug deep into the City coffers to arrange worthy rewards. The first Captain to kill the listed pirates and bring back proof will receive a set of Vet Reward House Tiles. The second Captain to accomplish this will be rewarded with a Tamer's Scroll set consisting of the following power scrolls 120 Animal Taming, 120 Animal Lore, and 120 Veterinarian.The third completing Captain will receive the coveted Hook's Shield. All Captains who take part in the Pirate Hunt will receive the Cities heartfelt thanks!

    Remember the names will be released around noon this Sunday, Feb 6, 2023.

    Riner Governor of Britain
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    It's been determined that the pirate who has been causing the most havoc with Britain's shipping, carries the name Bonnie. Bring back her death certificate to be rewarded. Only the last name matters as she seems to change first names often.  The first person to deliver her death certificate will receive a set of Veteran Reward House Teleporters. The second person will receive a Tamer's scroll set (120 Taming, 120 Animal Lore, and 120 Vet). The third will be rewarded with a Hook's Shield. The Death Certificate with Bonnie's name on it, should be placed in a bag, along with a book bearing your name and contact info. These bags should be dropped on the city herald in Britain, who will thank you. You are free to deal with any other pirates you come across as you will. An announcement will be made when all three rewards have been distributed.

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