Anyone has the full list of Items to make a High LUCK suit ?

Since the upcoming Event, to have higher chances to gather eggs will rely much on the Luck worn, in order to help players build their high luck suits, I wonder if those more into this may want to help update the current info available on the Web with what items might be needed towards making a suit with the highest Luck possible....

This is from 2015 (August 30)

This Thread is from March 2018

Of course, since then, items have been introduced in UO that help further increasing the available Luck on a suit.

Want to help fill in the holes by adding to the list of needed items those which have helped raising the Max Luck possible on a Luck suit for all of the UO players to take reference for the upcoming Event ?


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    List the suit YOU have. then we can see what you need

    why should people work for you?

    Surely YOU can look it up and put the info here???

    So you create a post and sit back and wait for others to do the work?

    Let us know how YOU get on

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    I will add something to this page to explain a little about how the wiki works, following a direct message I have received.
    Because that page was made in 2019 does not mean it is 4 years out of date.

    If you go to the page you will see at the top two tabs 'Page' and 'History'. If you click on History and scroll to the bottom of the page you will see dates when the page was updated. That particular page was last updated on 5th October 2022, I believe that would be when I added Yukio's Earrings.
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