Pro Tip: Start growing Bright Green - Snake Plants or Barrel Cacti.



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    Can we get back to Cheddar's ? Did you have the croissants too? Are they still perfection with that honey butter glaze? *drools*
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    Marge said:
    Can we get back to Cheddar's ? Did you have the croissants too? Are they still perfection with that honey butter glaze? *drools*
    Heck Ya!  I got 2 to go for breakfast tomorrow!
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    @popps I'm not sure that you understand this, but time is one of the few things that give items their value, another is rarity. If I can freely get anything with no limits and without delay or God forbid work, then it will have no value to me or anyone else. It doesn't matter how useful the item is or well thought out, if it is that easy to obtain, and there is no limit on it, it has no value. Look at some of the drops from past special champions, the belt, great stats, good on a number of character types, no, not the best in slot but very useful, people got many of them, so many in fact they have no value. The same with the sash. I personally prefer working to earn something. Will we have to make choices, of course. That isn't a bad thing, life is full of choices, do I want to spend time playing, do I want to get this or that? It all boils down to what value it holds for us, and if it holds no value, there is little interest. 
         To your point that if things take work and have value someone will come up with a way to reduce that work, in this case by scripting, doesn't mean we should eliminate the value of an item. When people our stealing things because they don't want to take the time to obtain them, we don't decide to give them away, no we combat the issue. In this case, the need is to find ways to reduce scripting, and increase value. Making it easier is not the answer. In this case the developers have complicated the process of gathering eggs. Not a great deal but perhaps enough to disrupt scripting. Keep in mind that a script still needs to use a green thorn, that anyone who kills the bunny can get an egg, and only 3 people max can achieve that goal. Simple solution, scripter plants green thorn, you and 2 friends kill the bunny. None of your thorns used and not only do all of you have a chance at the egg, but a chance to block the scripter. Plus, the ability to do this is currently limited behind green thorns, this means that even if someone scripts, they can only gain eggs for the number of green thorns they have. Less personal time, sure, but now it also doesn't affect anyone in such a huge negative way. In the old system of gathering eggs, if a scripter beat someone to an egg it was gone, they lost out on the opportunity. Enough people scripting no one else gets eggs. In a dungeon if someone is scripting with a group of toons, killing spawn quickly, no one else gets to kill mobs and again lose out on the opportunity to gather drops. Here even if someone does script it has no negative affect on anyone working on gathering eggs, everyone can still gather as many eggs as before. The only possible negative thing that scripting could cause is reducing the value of items, to others. 
             Personally, I believe this is pretty well thought out and a good way to limit the harm if not effectiveness of scripting without diminishing the value of in game items. And in case you don't realize it, that is why people play, because there is some innate value in it for them. So, making people earn drops by performing work isn't a bad thing. Before complaining about the high cost of something you might want to see what that cost is, and if it will be worth it to people. 
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    Take @Pawain 's advice back to your shards. Share seeds with your guilds, grow the thorns. This thread needs no further posts.

    I have removed some posts, but @Riner has made some very valid points, so I'm leaving him the last word on the topic.
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