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Posted for the Nox Family:

Starting out with Phoebe we learn of her family, its connection to the Fens of the Dead, and her wacky following. As it evolves into a larger family spread out now all over the Kingdom with roots from the Fens and Trinsic. Phoebe has gathered a following of Misfits, Odd-balls, and Outcasts and Family. Phoebe defends and will help protect Trinsic, she is not fond of Monarchy or King Blackthorn, not that she rebels against this, but she just doesn't care for the structure of this Government. We balance on being Neutral in all ranges from Neutral Good to Neutral Chaos, and can tip into either end of the spectrum, Good and Evil. Phoebes family are magical and seem to draw power for their magic from the Fens or otherwise known as the Paws. They have always remained quiet and to themselves, until now and they are more involved with matters of the Kingdom now.

Main base of this guild resides in the Swamps North of Trinsic, but has members from all over. We are new and we are small, maybe a little on the eccentric side. 

FENS / Cast of Witches
~We are a RPing guild and accept any template of characters to follow us.
 As of this moment we have no restrictions on templates or play styles.
~We defend Trinsic regardless the means how that is done, even if it means bending the laws somewhat. 
~We sometimes hunt with DragonStone guild and RP with them as well.
~We expect members to follow ROE: 

1) Stay in character at all times.

2) Before attacking a fellow role-player, you must have an in-character reason for doing so. This means beyond knowing their guild affiliation OOC or by the fact that they are highlighted orange to you.

3) Respect your fellow role-players by making your best attempt they are actually present and able to respond to any hostile interactions.

4) No looting of fellow role-players is allowed under any circumstances.

5) Once you fall in battle, you are considered "dead" for battle purposes (though not a role-played character death) for 30 minutes and may not re-enter that particular battle. During this period of time, you must keep your death robe on and not commit any assertive or aggressive actions. You are also subject to further assertive or aggressive actions so long as your character remains in the area.

6) Any and all disputes should be handled by the Guild Masters. Never take the matter into your own hands.

7) And most importantly, always show common sense with regards to when, where, and how combat is initiated.
Added for Fens:
8) FENS observes a 'no-capture' policy for inter-guild conflict. Consent must be given prior to event. 

*for the record, and this will be deleted at a later time but for right now we have NO player who can PVP within our guild* We would accept such but we are new and as of this time do not have these players in our guild.

~Phoebe Nox
Jaden Rain
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