The Horde of DragonStone

Posted for Desta,

Armies consist of those protecting their country or group and their beliefs, they become a family and a close family can become a powerful force to reckon with. Needless to say, DragonStone has its own Horde. Gathering the Horde at the Citadel, the citadel seems to be a home of all virtues, but we still have our vices we just keep those locked away in the attic. I had locked myself in the library of the citadel studying the history of some of our horde and penciling in more about our nincompoop half-sister Daenyra. I need to know these people that follow my family's legacy. Then I came upon something quite interesting, a member of DragonStones Horde, Gabriella, as I began to read, I notice she is from the Fens of the Dead, digging further into her files I come upon even more alarming news, holding the papers in my hands I open her specific file, and begin reading:

Recruit: Gabriella

Family Info: *Skipping past names she had listed as her family, oddly she listed no mother, when she joined us some years ago, I notice something even more odd, an attached paper*

*Flipping the page to the attached page titled "Unknown Family of Member" I read further seeing it stated " Information acquired by means of Emissary of DragonStone, secretly, reading on, both parents originated from The Fens, raised by her Father: deceased. Father: occupation: espionage, secretly possessing a House of Torture and the secret of her mother was kept from her, Mothers name: Penelope Nox, Deceased, Mothers occupation: Every Brothel in the Kingdom *at this point I lower the papers, recalling the friendship I knew my half-sister, Daenyra had with a Phoebe Nox from the Fens of the Dead, lifting the paper back up and continuing to read*, siblings: Phoebe Nox, Cadence Nox....*and the list continued, a deep sigh as I blink and ponder this information* knowing a lot of information here now and, deciding to trust in Jaden's trust with this member I tuck the paperwork back into the chest I had pulled it from. So, among our forces is another dysfunctional family having a member within our league. So, I must meet this member and decide what to do about the information I just learned. Another thing on my list of things to look into, checking into the situation in The Fens of the Dead along with meeting the new Governor of gets twisted doesn't it.

~by Desta
Jaden Rain
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