The King

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"Make haste! He must be moved tonight!" Lady Camilla called urgently to the Guards, " I am afraid for his life!'
Going up to bed, Lady Camilla looked down. The King looked up at her with half closed, confused eyes. He tried to speak, but only mumbled words that could not be understood came out.
"Now will be fine, your realm is in good hands!" she
said with a smirk. "Here, take more of this elixir. I had it made up
especially for you. You will feel better," she said as she spooned it into his mouth. Gagging on the elixir, the King's eyes blinked slowly before they closed. He tried to reach up with his hand, but it fell limply at his side.
Turning, Lady Camilla instructed the guards to move the King and take him to where she had instructed. Watching them leave, she left the room and made her way to the Kings royal office. Sitting behind the massive desk, she ran her hand over the rich wood with a slight smile on her face.
"Soon..soon..." she thought to herself.

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