*Crier Announcement: Summons for Roysia Avelot

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*The following announcement is posted around Britannia*

The City of Trinsic is issuing a summons to Roysia Avelot, requesting that she meet with Governor Chanticleer Reich to discuss recent events that impact Trinsic and the Kingdom of Britannia. As a condition of this meeting, the Governor offers Roysia the city's protection, as well as a promise that she will not be detained or harmed in any manner. It is further requested that Roysia contact the Governor to arrange a time and place for this meeting.


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    *a hawk flies overhead as a rolled parchment falls from it's grasp*

    Lord Chanticleer, 

    Unfortunately, I do not believe the time is right for me to meet with you. Word hath reached mine ears in regards to your actions inside of his Majesty's chambers, and I simply cannot take your word and guarantee of my safety.

    The unwarranted execution of any person or being inside of the King's chambers in an attempt to send a misguided message comes a quite a shock to me; especially at the hands of the leader of the City of Honor.

    I will keep an ever watchful eye, as I always have. Perhaps when the time is proper, we can arrange a gathering.

    -Roysia Avelot
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    *The following announcement is posted around Britannia*

    Lady Avelot, your message was received, but your ears have been deceived. Last evening, before the King and council of governors, I made known my promise to keep you safe and I intend to honor it. As for these allegations against me, that is not what occurred. I would remind you that even worse accusations have been made against you. I am willing to hear your side and request the same courtesy. If you desire to keep safe the Kingdom, reconsider your change of heart and meet with me as soon as is feasible. My word is true.

    - Governor Chanticleer
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