PaxLair's 25th Anniversary Celebration week.

The 25th Anniversary is almost upon us!
This Anniverary will run from Jan 16th thru Jan 21st.
Special Event Saturday 21st; Deal or No Deal on Chesapeake.
Gathering at Tea House in PaxOku for the start of most events.

January 16th Monday; 
 - 8:30 PM - White Net Toss

January 17th Tuesday;
* 8:00 PM - PaxLair Anniversary kickoff @ PaxLair Mage Tower. (Teleport Tile from PaxOku, Tea House)
 - 9:00 PM - .

January 18th Wednesday;

* 9:00 PM - Governors Meeting with King Blackthorn.
January 19th Thursday;
* 9:00PM - PaxLair Anniversary Dinner @ PaxLair Mage Tower. (Teleport tile from PaxOku Tea House)
               Zedland Catering by Zelda of Zed.

January 20th Friday;

 January 21st Saturday;
 * 6PM Find the DJ on Chesapeake
 * 7PM Deal or No Deal on Chesapeake

Still open for other events if anyone wants to add any.
* = These events days and times are set.

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