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EM NihilEM Nihil Posts: 258Event Moderator
Hello, everyone.

I'd like to say thank you all for participate last night event and I feel sorry for the glitch we suffered at the same time.

Like I said, I'm posting updated situation here about the event we had, Uneasy Reunion, January 6th 2023. There was no drop issue. I looked into it but couldn't find anything wrong with setup so I asked an investigation. 

It turns out there was a glitch. From what we believe, this setup was done long ago because it's early January event and there's holiday in December so I planned and submitted it almost 2 month ago. It's much longer than we usually do and it may caused an unknown issue. I'm hopping that we could find what caused it and get it fixed in future.

About the re-do event. This is another part that I feel sorry but there will be no re-do event this month. I have offered alternative which is the rule for this kind of case but I decided to not do it because` it was different from what we agreed and I felt the alternative wouldn't give fair chance to everyone. Instead, I chose to save the reward type and hue for the future so I could give everyone a chance to get it.

I know that my decision may controversy and some may feel bad. However, I believe it's the best for all of us who participated the event. Again, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday event and I hope you understand my decision.

EM Nihil
Balhae Event Moderator
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