I Do Fancy the Pooka

Patiently I have waited to hear from the Governor of Moonglow, still suspicious of his intent as Governor, a sense of uneasy each time I have been around him. My senses tell me it isn't he who I should worry about but of what's happening in Yew right now. News does not sound well for that city, while normally I do not give a rats behind for the politics of the land, I'd rather just turn anything that annoys me into a toad, which by the way I still have a score to settle with a certain Dwarf. Then there's the Pooka in Yew whom I adore, I do fancy the Pookas, eh and that rag a muffin bar keep I suppose as well, the one called Aedon. All while the King sends us to battle Cookie Monsters, but I do have to admit that Ranger named Tobias was quite dashing killing everything that came near me during the Candy Battle, while Gauf and Sergio backed him up. Gawd I have to stop daydreaming of heroes and Rabbits. Back to my plans for this meeting I'm waiting for. What on earth can this meeting be about, Somehow, I feel it truly isn't the Governor I will be meeting. 

Trying to pass time I decide to do my gathering. The swamp had been peaceful like nothing outside the swamp mattered here, just the gators and the Bog beings oh and maybe an occasional Toad, what bliss. I have been gathering the ingredients for the Toad Spell, unfortunately one item must be collected in the swamps of Papua, with a big sigh I really am not fond of the idea of leaving the swamps for this, at least it's just to go to another swamp. Packing small empty pouches and plenty of insect repellent I have concocted I am almost ready to set out on this mission, spotting a large jar in the Apothecary I snatch it up, in case I run across that dwarf I can turn him into a toad and stuff him in the jar for Chanticlear to carry around in his pocket. Grabbing for my cup of warm bean tea I take a big swig, only to feel the bug in the tea floating across my tongue into my throat, at which time I spewed the tea across the room and gagged on the bug. Blinking as my nose wrinkled and I try to collect myself from the incident, I try to think about before I gag again. Gathering up my backpack I think I am ready to set out on this mission. Shaking the sleeping bar keep, Vanity, which is another detail I will have to investigate when I return, why is she here? As she looks up at me, " If anyone is looking for me tell them I've gone to the swamps of Papua to gathering ingredients" as I watch her yawn and say "ok". From the way she is dressed I do not quite believe the story she just happened to be on that ship that arrived at the Fens Market, she wears to elegant of clothing for such a story. 

Strolling the quiet streets of Moonglow nobody here seems out of sorts, thankfully all seems normal. I find my way to the telepads to the Mage shop north of the city, standing on the altar inside the shop I mumble the word recdu.........

*To be continued*

~Phoebe Nox
Jaden Rain
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