Messenger From Yew

*A Messenger is sent to the city heralds with new updates of the Kingdom* and to the Desk of Dear Addy. 

Word has come from Yew. The new Governor of Yew has moved into his quarters near The City, along with an escort of his henchmen. Farmers near his home have been roughed up and threatened to stay out of the business of the Governor. Businesses have been ordered to pay up a protection tax, as henchmen make their rounds around the city. Prisoners have been sent packages in the Yew prison, upon opening packages to get approved to be handed out, have revealed a pendant of Chaos. Life as the city has known it is about to come to a Halt. The Royal guard has been threatened to leave the city. A gruff looking man by the name of Maverick has been appointed in charge of the henchmen and the city. More news as we get it. 

*Look I am only a Messenger* 
*Posted for Yew*
Posted on Bulletins around the cities 
Jaden Rain


    Difficult to get messengers in and out of Yew now, Henchmen are at most roads leading into Yew. Nobody's coming in or out that isn't supplies for the city, Messengers are now resorting to sneaking through the woods of Yew. Deliveries are still getting through for the time being but checked to insure nothing is delivered to aide citizens to fight against the Henchmen. However, messengers are turned away. Matters could get worse, Bodies are being found along the mountains below Yew, they appear to be miners and woodsmen. It is advised miners stay at home or move out of Yew. More news as we can get it
    Jaden Rain
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