A Greater Evil

Dwarves, Trolls and Goblins but most importantly a deep chaotic presence loomed over my visions. A division of friend an foe. I have always balanced over good an evil and after meeting my sister my powers seem to have increased. My visions also stronger more vivid. In the past gloom always hung over the swamps and the Fens but now it seems like a land of rainbows and lollipops compared to what I feel stepping out of the swamps. A force pulling me in. Yet still my devotion for Trinsic grows. The half-sister of the great Dragon Lady, Daenyra, has visited several times since elections, her anger grows and the familiar who served her sister, Jaden Rain, came along with her the last visit, the goblin who fights the charybdis had waddled in behind her. With them they brought remnants of the dress, yes, the famous Pink Dress. Creatures always seem to take a liking to me, not sure if it's my charm or the fact there could be worst fates for them, they could be a toad. As I stood watching both the half-sister of the former Governor and the slobbering Goblin standing before me there was a sense of chaos surrounding them. As my stare went from Goblin to Daenyra her face began to wince as she spoke, " My sister is missing, nobody has seen or heard from her since elections, and yesterday her Servant *as she pokes the familar* brought this...", pulling the fabric of the dress out of her pack to show me. The anger was building in her face as she spoke, " I am not sure what has happened to her but the dress smells of goblin pee, *as she glares at the goblin familar* and yes there is the problem it could also be this things pee, even tho she swears it isnt hers", Daenyra somewhat chaotic herself was shaking with anger. " I need your help Witch; I need to find my sister". Blinking at what she was asking of me, this could possibly be the beginning of chaos if I aide her, but yet this one of those dragon folk had always been my friend, how can I not help her at least to locate her sister. Grabbing the piece of dress from her, I held it and closed my eyes, chanting. As I opened my eyes a sense of darkness overcame me as I began to speak, the smell from this dress isnt from this creature with you, it is from another. Guarding what i feared would set her off I kept from her the sense of where the smell had come from. Looking into the eyes of Daenyra I began to say, " This is only the beginning, there has been people scorned and there is chaos coming, my advice is to prepare your people now, evil is coming from all directions, a greater evil then you have ever seen before" ........

* To be continued *
Jaden Rain


  • Yew has been warned of my visions and little did they seem to worry about my visions, but my mission to warn them was complete last night. While the Pooka managed to wander around outside sprinkling star dust all over the land outside of the tavern, entering the Tavern afterwards he mumbled something about cleansing the lands. Little did they realize they had more to worry about then the earth itself. As people came wandering into the tavern the anxiety of the evening began to escalate. Of course, that ale could have been partly to blame, *smiling as I thought about how I had snuck in a few nights before and spiked the ale with Toad juice* don't they know to keep their drinks locked up, I know I keep mine under lock and Key, Toad juice is too valuable. Then low an behold the new Governor of Moonglow came waltzing in like he owned the place, arrogant and full of himself. Tserim made his hellos I suppose thinking he was the Governor of Magincia until I made light of the fact, I had seen him the night before in Moonglow at his acceptance speech of Moonglow from the former Governor. the east side of the tavern seemed a bit tense but arrogantly smiling at us all the Moonglow Governor said his goodbyes and started to walk out, as he walked past me, I noticed him brush against me as he left. Turning I saw him leave and wink at me. I reached and felt my back pocket to find a small crumbled up piece of paper, I tucked it back inside my pocket to read when I got home, right here was not the place to produce the paper. I stayed for a little while till finally I found my head fallen over and beginning to snore, quickly I lifted my head and said my goodbyes, which by the way I usually don't do, wonder if anyone noticed I said goodbye. The darkness surrounding this Tavern was much darker as I left the building then it was when I came in. Hurrying back to my security of the swamps, I felt relaxed and tucked into my own little world, but curiosity had overcome me as I pulled the scrap of paper from my pocket, unrolling it I focused in on the words,

    Little Miss Witch,
    Its finally good to put a face to the rumors I hear of you and your powers. I think you and I could be great friends. If you can help me perhaps, I can help you. I can tell you see what's coming and as you know it's not just pirates. I also know you do not trust the King and for good reasons, Afterall do you believe that Blackthorn truly gave up his basic concepts? He was the creator of Chaos and guess what, chaos is returning. If you want to protect Trinsic meet with me, and we can possibly have an agreement. I know of those secret society's in Trinsic. Don't fear this is right now just between you and I, but I want my Mistress found immediately. Now does any of that spark interest. I am guessing it does. I will send word of when and where to meet me. Until then stop helping those peasants.
    Guardian of Chaos

    * a deep sigh * and I tuck the paper into my pack. Until I meet with this gargoyle, I will keep this to myself. Unless someone saw him tuck the note into my pocket.

    * To be continued *
    Jaden Rain
  • BTW those postings are from Phoebe Not Jaden and here is some back news: 

    Crazy K — and NF guild 
    I've received word from Yew that the Governor has ordered all RBG out of Yew. Governor Gavan has asked the pirate community to openly attack all ships royal to the crown.

    Jaden Rain
  • To be continued
    Jaden Rain
  • Stopping in Que's on my way home from Papua just too tired to deal with drunken activities and people I did not know. Trust is huge for me and socializing with unknown people wasn't in my cards for the night. Reaching the swamp, I was never so glad to see home, and safe inside my room the night had been not my most favorite and the day had been tiring searching for the plants I needed for my spells. Collapsing on my bed I looked down at my pack which lay next to the bed on the floor, picking it up I ruffle around inside of it till I found the paper the note had been written on, unfolding it my senses told me the gargoyle that night was not the one responsible for writing it, that he was only the messenger. Odd to think about, one would think a Governor would be powerful and in charge of matters but somehow It just didn't feel that way in this case. Flattening out the paper I reread it, and the last part I had to reread, " I will send word of when and where to meet me. Until then stop helping those peasants." with a deep sigh I began to think about occurrences of recent, a missing Dragon Lady, Yew in Chaos, and the Governor of Moonglow slipping me a note, and three candidates on the ballots at Trinsic and Skara and Vesper just mysteriously dropping off the election and disappearing as well. None of it makes sense....

    Falling over onto my pillow I lay the note on the table beside the bed, tossing and turning thinking about all the events, I somehow had fallen asleep.....then from my deep slumber I quickly awake and sit straight up in bed repeating, " The Mages are calling for me..."
    Jaden Rain
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