EM Event Schedule | January 2023

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Here’s event schedule for January

Main Event - SECRET | Uneasy Reunion

Friday January 6th 09:00PM KST (GMT+9)

Meeting Place: Trammel, Britain EM Hall

Daria who trying to turn against the organization, SECRET (Sosaria Executive Council of Researcher for Extra-Terrestrials) that claiming protect Britannia from extra-terrestrial beings called abnormals by capture or kill. In order to do so, however, she have to rescue her sister before they realize her betrayal because she’s under protection of SECRET. The reason why she joined the SECRET and leave her in their hand is because of YaTeVeo the Man-eater. Her sister accidentally summoned it by mistake and it devoured her whole village including her parents. Daria realized extra-terrestrial beings after that and saved by them. She joined their cause to find out how to save her and protect her. But now she knows SECRET is not an organization she thought and she have to save her sister before they done something to her.

Daria had no choice but to ask a help to one of abnormal she knows, Santa Clause. But she found there’s something happened to Ethereal Plane, and it brought another abnormals. Santa was captured one of them, and reindeers were scattered. Fortunately, she met Blitzen, and able to found Rudolph and Saint Nicholas. He tells that his other entity, Knecht Ruprecht who representing his dark side wanted to be the only Christmas being in this world. So he trying to get rid of other abnormals such as Krampus, Grinch, and even Santa Clause so they must stop him before Christmas arrive.

With their help, they able to find Krampus, and Grinch. But Krampus refuses to cooperate them, and Grinch demands to prank someone to recover his power as a prankster. It was mocking the dead, Yorick the legendary jester. Daria didn’t want to disturb the dead but she had no choice. They went to Nujel’m graveyard and brought him back. Grinch able to mock him as he planned but eventually he mocked back by Yorick. Regardless of his anger, a deal is a deal. Grinch guide them to Knecht Ruprecht and they able to defeat him.

Now Daria heard how to save her sister after rescue Santa Clause. But the problem is, she needs more men to save her. She has no choice but to request an aid to her untrustworthy friend, Ryan Reed. She sent a message to him hopping her decision is not wrong. 


Please do not cast mass spells causing lag except for combat purpose. It causes too much lag to the others and EM as well to proceed the event scenario and may delay the event.

Please do not cast gate travel to anyone nearby that may lead the others accidentally get into. I’ve been witness someone who did on purpose multiple times, and such action shall not be tolerated in future.

If EM witness inappropriate actions including above, EM will deal with them; not just pause the event and warn them but also report to GMs to take care of.

Mini Event - Yutnori

Friday January 27th 09:00PM KST (GMT+9)

Meeting Place: Trammel, Britain EM Hall

The famous Yut game has return. Visit mini game to play and enjoy Korea traditional game of Yut! Even if you don’t know the rule, don’t worry about it! It’s not difficult and there’s a wiki page you could see here (EN) and here (JP). Only difference between in UO is that the sticks are replaced to a dice! 

Governor Meeting

There’s no governor meeting this month due to we don’t have much active governors at this time. However, if you’re interested in this position and willing to do its duty, please send an email. But you must qualified for the position to be appointed. Following royal cities and citizens are awaiting governors:

  • Jhelom
  • Minoc
  • Moonglow
  • Skara Brae
  • Trinsic
  • Yew

See you in Britannia.

EM Nihil

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