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On the off chance that some of my old friends from GL read these forums, I just wanted to say that I miss you all and wish each of you great things. I played Zeph Wightfyre, Xzalian, and Rhul Il'Ryl on Great Lakes from roughly 2000 - 2012. I don't really play the current iteration of UO beyond logging in every now and then to walk around and reminisce. Although the game is no longer for me, I have nothing but fond memories. It sounds like hyperbole, but some of the best times in my life were spent in this game alongside the many awesome people in the GL Roleplay Community.

Some folks I've lost touch with: Gwydion, Devious, Leshyani, Lady Shadow/Butterfly, Kia/Jul'zyrn, Kalia & Ophelia (the dynamic duo), Nero of Tenebrae, Kimber, Ariyana Sune, Rael Bloodomen. There are plenty more, but time has claimed their names from my memory.

If anyone remembers me, please say hello. I'd love to catch up. Feel free to reply here, or message me on Discord. My old ICQ is long dead now.

Discord: Zeph#0091
- Z
Discord: Zeph#0091
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