Phoenix Auction on Origin Shard this Nov, 5th at 9:30 EST

OnixiaOnixia Posts: 88
The Next Phoenix Auction on Origin will take place this Saturday, November 5th at 9:30 pm est /8:30 pm cst. The Auction House is located just outside of the south exit of Luna. Our Lottery prize this month is a Lasher Vanity Pet. Tickets are only $2 million each. Here is the list of all the items that are available to bid on that night:
Faction Robe (Blessed)
2 Gold Mark Scrolls
Sherry the Mouse Books (Heckle's Quest)
Practice Weapons
Yes No's Bones
The Best's Bones
AoS Sash
Green Fancy Dress
Of Exceptional Quality Fancy Dress
Robe Set-
We Are Pirates
Gargoyles are our Friends
Humans and Elves are our Friends
10 Personal Bless Deeds
36 Champ Skulls
10 Rubble Pieces
Deer Mask w/ 68 Invis Charges
Gargoyle Items Pack
Soulstone token
Bulk Order Covers Token
Misc. Items Package
Misc. Crafting Items Package
Misc. Items Package
Plague Beast Statue
Virtuous Epiphany Armor Set
Death's Essence Armor Set
Villianuos Epiphany Armor Set
Virtuous Epiphany Gargoyle Armor Set
Ghastly Pumpkin
5 Pixie Lanterns
Of Exceptional Quality Items
5 Snowglobes
Misc. Deed Package
Of the Archlich Platemail Suit
10 Forest of the Dark Monster Statues
Misc. Items Package
Ethy Horse
Ankh of Devotion
Elemental Titan Banner
2 New Trick or Treating Pumpkins
Deceit Snowglobe
Armor of Fortune
A Mysterious Cube
Ethy Beetle
EM Item-An Ancient Rapier of the Grimswind Kingdom
Hook's Sheild transmogged onto a Wand of Warding
Scholar's Halo transmogged onto Glasses
Basic Warrior Suit
Rubble Bench Piece
Rubble Banner
Of Exceptional Quality Items

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