Will I get a refund for Europa server down?

Guess what, its down again for the 6th time in two days.
Each time with a 30min revert.

Personally I think all players of Europa shard should get a refund, either a few days extra GT or an ingame item.  I remember the exact thing happend with EU shard just some months ago, the end result was no compensation.  Well here we are again.

I Can play another shard, but why would I? the event items are shardbound and I dont want any on Formosa, Asuka or Pacific.



  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,325
    Can you wait until they have fixed our server, before you start winding them up ? :)
  • psychopsycho Posts: 293
    No, but I can accept a gift code from the new UO EA store.

    Last time Europeans had an offer (3 years ago) it was by accident.
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