Set of old completed "Diabolically Drawn" treasuremaps

LeBaitonLeBaiton Posts: 48
Hi, I have a set of old completed "Diabolically Drawn" treasuremaps. I was wondering if they have any worth.

I also have a completed Trove map which, instead of  'mage', 'assassin', 'artisan', 'warrior' or 'ranger' says 'Type_1'. Not much more than a curiousity at best I suppose, but perhaps it's unique? Also wondering if someone knows if it has some worth?


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,278
    edited October 2022
    If you don’t get a better answer, setup a character on Atlantic and check vendor search there.  They might have some value to collectors especially the Type one.  They should have pretty good cleanup points.  Some players pay good gold for those.  Put how many cleanup points they are worth in the message area.  I would initially put them up for sale for 1 or 2 million if I could not find any other pricing information.  But to be honest have no idea what they are worth,
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