Afk at deceit



  • So i tested a theory oday.  Played for hour without being afk banned like i have been for last four days.  Didnt get afk banned. Was on same tamer playing same way. But in less populayed area and no player names i recognized or similair situationswhere it appeared people migjt have actually afl reported. Did just fine. Which males me believe its soley player reported afk generated. Which (if this for sure what happens) would mean player reports another... said report goes to either a real person or an afk generated program which just auto time bans said char.  Either way this is wrong. Without verification.
    And if no one wants to put forth an effort to fix. I guess only way to combat it would to be to jump in with both feet and join the reporting bandwagon.
    But man  o man thats gonna fkood system with afk reports un necissarily
  • NorryNorry Posts: 515
    Has anyone checked if this afk flagging works for PVP @Yoshi , because if so, there is gonna be a metric crapton of trolling with it.
  • Sorry dont pvp
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