Where to put UO Store suggestions?

I saw another thread here where the lady asked for a transmog for neck slot..

 I want to know if this is the proper area to make these suggestions and if so..

 I want emotes added, seems like there were more varieties in back in like 3rd Dawn times,
seems some were removed. I dont know if it was to avoid some form of exploit, but after all this time and unaddressed exploits and the like who gives a f*k. I want to be able to bust a move while I beg for a focus at wbb or faint or whatever else.

 More money for the game, and more charm and character. They dont have to be expensive or over the top. The roleplay crowd would probably be thrilled to have them,  and they probably make a great gift too. On the desolate shards I still cling to, I know a few I'd get them for as well. Please consider.
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