Pet statue disparity

Triton are only selling when popped but wildfire ozzyz only when not i understand the why but not the why behind it why are ozzy stats static Triton random. 
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  • gaygay Posts: 358
    Because that's how they were intentionally designed.
    The wildfire ostard was created as a lesser version of the bane dragon. And instead of randomizing the stats the devs talked with experienced tamers of repute and came to the conclusion that a non-random baseline for wildfire ostards created an equal grounds for which all players could equally build out their pet the way that they want without having to care about minmaxing spawned stats.

    For a pet that was/is only available for a short time, and costs as many turn in points as it did, compared to a pet that is regularly available and able to be mass farmed, it's a pretty obvious and easy decision to make.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 8,461
    Above is true.

    But the Ostards were 4 slot when first  created. Kyronix had to lower some stats to make them 3 slots.  And could not make them random because any higher they would be 4 slots and they were already made ridiculously low.  It's the points that magery and eval occupy that makes their intensity high.
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  • JepethJepeth Posts: 496
    It should also be mentioned that if the stats were random on the Ostard think how many wildfire points would need to be raised for a tamer to get one in the intensity range they want. Tritons are available all the time, there is plenty of opportunities to get doubloons. Wildfire was time limited and no one would have had time for anything else. That is, unless they were severely lowered in points required which would have devalued them.
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