My custom castle..thinking of rebuilding..

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This is my Europa castle S of Skara, 62N-53E. It has lots of masonry walls and floors mainly the back half, and i was happy with it when it was finished and promised myself to never touch it again.....mainly because of the transp circle not working.
But now..some misstakes irritates me and the fact we got more and larger deco items like koji ponds wheelbarrows etc. So I could use more space.

 So I went to TC and made a cube as large as can be. With 31x31 surface on top and lots of space  and even room for koji still working on it ,some inner walls missing. 

This took weeks to do, and I transferred my granite and grass tiles from Europa ower and ower , and started to decorate.The ponds are just amazing! And you can "dive" into them and place more deco items in them. Luckily they dont seem to fall under masonry floor tiles and break like dolphin rugs do.*touch wood*

As you see the old problem with shadows from trees spoiled the look downstairs. Not all trees makes this but cherry, apple , peach and classic holiday trees do,and all the way to the bottom lvl.
Plum tree modern holiday tree , maple ,willow tree and the ones from peculiar seeds doesnt thankfully.

And now the biggest issue right now .
On the top lvl I can place walls , arches, statues , trees, ponds plants, rocks..that I have to raise one click so they dont fall under the floor tiles. Luckily the ponds stayed above the floor for weeks now.

All the grey tiles on the roof you will have to imagine as covered with grass. It was there, raised 1 click to stay above the floor. I added grassfor 4-6 days from Europa, the same tiles.
   Then one day all grass was gone! 1 grass tile is all there is left, everythin gelse is there .

I know the low walls  N and W out on the edges use to dissapear , pity but not as bad as losing grass!

Does anyone have any suggestions ? I just cant lose grass on Europa! 


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    I had a problem with grass tiles flipping with the pavers on the roof too.
    The only thing i could find to work was lowering the pavers down 1 from the max elevation (74 to 73)
    With the roof pavers now at 73 i locked the grass tiles down and then raised them all by 1.

    BTW the place looks amazing!  I love the ponds you made in the front entry way with the bridge going over it.  The series of Koi ponds on the roof is turning out to be awesome as well!


  • Oh!!  The missing grass tiles should be in the moving crate


  • Doh..*Picks 200 items one by one out of the moving crate* How could i forget to look! thank you!

    And you werre right. my roof is 74 on TC.  Petra told me how to use the sextant I never heard of it before!
     And the thing i did with the koji ponds were inspired by your roof. I dont have that many ponds on Europa so it was nice to test it on TC . 
     Now its only the question should i spend so much time to re build and decorate .. I doubt someone will win the competition that  design a castle I would like to live in. It will be amazing constructions with lots of details and hopeless logistics that win anyways and I want the opposite. 
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    Nice work on the original one!
    A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís.
  • So..the real nightmare starts. After posting last night I had a look on the roof and some tiles had sunk as they use to do esp in newbuilt areas when you start decorating the lower lvls. One sunken tile was at the edge of a pond not visible. But I found the floortile below and raised it carefully. Very hard to see what i was doing so i removed the plants and rocks around the pond , then i axed it.  
    I got no deed in my backpack. The water just dissapeared and the rocks belonging to the pond was still on the ground. I had to axe  them one by one. . Same way as i lost my dolphin rug exept that one fell under the tiles and i tried to axe it without moving anything. I guess my whole idea fell. No way I dare to place a pond on masonry tiles on Europa. 
    Oh well I can always go here and practise a bit more and have fun and wait and see what that tool gives. And let the pond deed I already claimed stay in a chest..

  • Oh no with the koi pond!  At least it was on test so no real loss there.  I had the exact same thing happen to me on Atlantic.  cost me 100m +!
    I would suggest leaving the koi ponds out until everything is 100% done.  Grass included.  Deco the lower floor,  wait until after server up and if everything is still good place the ponds.  I wish they would fix those from being destroyed.

    And thank you for the compliment :blush:.  I'm glad it gave some inspiration.  A hint with the rocks.  Agapite granite is a pretty close match to the color of the ponds.  There are also some smaller rock rubble that has the same hue but they seem to be getting scarce on my shard after i bought them all out lol.  

    keep up the good work and i'm looking forward to seeing a finished product.


  • Thanks for the advices! Im not going to place any koji pond on a masonry again. I brought ower my deed 5 times to TC to really see if this still happens. 
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    Oh damn, I never saw your castle before.. that is seriously awesome. I need to redo mine sometime, I might steal some of your cues..
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    I want to redo mine, but i'm waiting to see if there will ever be an easier way.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
  • To lower the top roof 1 click made things happen on the lvl below ..kind of domino effect.  And it seems I never have time enough to continue and the  tool around the corner.. Ill wait for the tool. Im looking forward to spend plenty of time building if the tool works well .

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    Ok I just returned I'm confused. My understanding is / was you can place an 18 X 18 custom and Castles and Keeps could not be customized? Has this changed or is that castle cn a non osi shard? No that can't be the case you said 31 X 31 on TC1????
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    Normal castles and keeps can be added to using crafted walls etc.

  • I have travelled all over the shards with one character or another and your castle is my favourite place of all dear Mim. It's gorgeous.
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