Jewelry Box Sort - Enhancement Request

Jewelry boxes filter by : Ring/Brace/Talisman etc

This is not necessary.  It is easy to see from the icon what is in each slot - the filter is not useful in fact most people have multiple jewelry boxes with Talisman in one, ring/brace in another etc.  

What we need is at LEAST a 2 mod sort. 

Mod 1 (Dropdown list of all mods or most popular mods - FC, SSI, HCI, DCI, Dex, STR, INT, LMC, LRC
Mod 2 (dropdown list of all mods or most popular mods)

This would allow us to search on at least two mods like HCI and SSI for example and find all objects that have those two properties.  That would be extremely useful in rings and braces which is the most popular item in the boxes.   

An additional filter on 'qualify' as in Lesser Magic, Greater Magic, Legendary etc would be helpful too.  Right now I have a completely different box for the legendary items so i can find the best stuff quickly. 

I understand a dropdown of every single mod possible on all items is not likely - but please at least give us some of the most popular.  If I am looking for a Fc 1/ FCR 4 ring - if I can at LEAST find all the FC1 items it would save my 50% of the time or more finding an object.  


  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
    edited September 2022
    yeah, we said it needs a search function or else I would rather use normal containers that has search in EC.
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