Transport from Origin

Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,380
Hi Europa Folk
I have just transferred my Alliance mates' rewards from the Origin Faire home. I'm sending my traveller back for another load. If you want your items included this is what you do:
  • Make your way to West Brit, buy from the provisioner a bag and a book, open the book so it has your name on it and place it and your items inside the bag
  • Go to the Bank where you will find (I hope) a rune on the floor to the house 'Nomad's Rest'.  Recall on it.
  • Place your bag in the mailbox on the house doorstep.
  • Go inside the house and use the public teleporters to recall to a town of your choice to log out.
  • If you have a house with a mailbox on Europa, please post the co-ordinates here so that I may deliver your items along with the name on the book on Origin. 
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