Yamato Cloth Museum

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I am pleased to inform you that Yamato Cloth Museum opened May 2022 and many items have been on display. Please stop by when you have time. 

Note: As to 1&2 Floor, you can find the short explanatory notes in English and Japanese for each display item. 

Location : 
132o16'S 57o5'E

Main Display:  
1 Floor: Full Armor Sets and 2022 Yamato Pirates Fashion Festival prize-winners' works
2 Floor: Clothes (Approximately 470 types of clothes including NPC clothes and rare color clothes) and Dying Tabs (Rare)   
3 Floor: Library (The books are those related to Yamato Events and a serialized stories of City of Jhelom)


2.png 388.8K
3.png 400.2K
4.png 399.3K


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