Destard event items and the effects on the economy

With the first couple days with the grinder and eggs the value of destard items are terrible compared to past events serpents skin quiver hovering around 85 while item's from past events holding strong...
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  • gaygay Posts: 358
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    Economy isn't any concern of the devs. It's an artificial system created by players in regards to the availability, desirability and accessibility of items and currency aka supply and demand, and as such is exactly where it should be.

    Nobody should care that you spent too much time acquiring things that aren't selling for the outrageous prices you think that they should be worth. Least of all the devs.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,278
    Quiver sells for about 150 million last time I checked on my shard but prices vary and it takes a few weeks to sell one at that price.  Think it’s better than the despicable quiver which is selling right now for around 80 to 90 million on my shard.  When I look at this stuff it’s got to be better than other stuff if I am going to go over the top for it.  For example the fey grimorie went for 250 drops, 250 drops worth 250 to 500 million gold during the even,  not shard bound invasion slayers with around 25% extra spell damage sell for 30 to 75 million so no way I would much over 100 million for that grimorie, if that.  Think the ankh, jawbone and fey slayer talisman should all still fetch pretty good prices.  And, if anyone wants an ice teardrop From the ice event, I have one on my vendor.  Should have put those drops towards the spellbook which sells for?  Have never seen one for sale.
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