Bait questions

Us there chart with success rates? Like unicorn 1% no bait xxx% with bait xxx% with Fisherman suit 

In EC anyone have a macro for applying the bait then casting? 
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  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 1,002
    edited September 2022
    Macro to apply bait then cast:

    -Bait (Target - Cursor)
    -Use Targeted Object
    -Wait for Target Cursor
    -Cursor Target Stored (Fishing Pole)
    -Target by Resource (Fishing Pole - Water)

    If you don't want to use Target by Resource, remove Target by Resource and add:
    -Fishing Pole
    -Use Targeted Object
    -Wait for Target Cursor
    -Last Target

    That would re-target the last water tile you clicked on, or if you left out Last Target, just bring up the targeting cursor for you.

    I see that Petra posted below to write the macro as:
    -Bait (Target Stored - Fishing Pole)
    -Target by Resource

    That macro would be much simpler, but I can't get that method to apply the bait to the pole. :(
    So, longer macro method for me. 
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,263
    edited September 2022
    can't help with success rates. I don't think anyone has ever managed to establish any. Can help with macro:

    target on the bait pot set 'stored' - store fishing pole, delay is 8.0.  Need to edit it for whatever bait pot you're using though.
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