GL Great Races

The Pirate Council of the GL Shared (collaboration of sea fairing guilds) are holding Ship Races. This is not a UO EM Event, but a Players event.
Our Mission is to bring some sporting fun to the Great Lakes that Young to Veterans can compete, without loss except to pride :)
General Info:
   All you need is a ship to compete and the registration fee of 200k Gold, With registration you receive goodie bags, 1st-3rd is awarded Gold and prizes. The break down is as follows, 1ST get 75% of Registration and Prizes, 2nd gets 10% of Registration and Prizes, 3RD gets 5% of Registration and prizes, 5% of Registration is to be donated to the city treasure where the race is held, and 5% of the registration is put into an account to help with purchase of prizes for the next race. Donations are excepted for the races.
Race Routes:
Race routes are held in the 9 major cities Feb-Oct, clearing the holidays for UO Events. the Race routes have 2-3 checkpoints where judges check you and send oyu on to the next. The checkpoints are giving out at the race meeting before the start of the event. ALL RACES HELD IN TRAM, this way loss of ship or life is not expected. Making it where even Young players can compete.
All ships can compete!!

More information: yell at STALREV in the chat on the GL shard or visit the Shadow pub at coordinates 49.50'S 50.16'E.
There is a Message board and book on porch with rules so drop us a message if you would like to register or have questions

Race Schedule ( all Races are on a Saturday at 6pm Central on the docks of race city)
August 20th Moonglow Maritime Race Winner= FIN  2nd= Bass 3rd= Aridas
Sept 17th Trinsic Tailwinds Race
Oct 22nd Minoc Mutaneer Race
Nov-Jan Holidays
Feb 18th 2023 Britain Barnacle Race
Mar 18th 2023 Vesper Vessell Race
Apr 22nd 2023 New Magencia Nautical Race
May 20th 2023 Yew Yo-HO-HO Race
June 17th 2023 Jhelom Jolly Roger Race
July 22nd 2023 Skara Sea Rover Race
Aug 19th 2023 Moonglow Maritime Race
Sept 23rd 2023 Trinsic Tailwinds Race
Oct 21st 2023 Minoc Mutaneer Race


  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
    edited September 2022
    Trinsic Tailwinds Race registration stops Thursday the Sept 15th..
    Pirate Council has donated Triton to the winner of the race
    Capt Fin has Donated 5 mill to winner of the race
    Slim Shady has donated a 24th Anniv Token for 2nd Place of Race
    Calliope has donated 1 mill to 3rd place of the Race.
    This is on top of the 1-3rd packages!!!
  • The first race was fun to attend. I am hoping I will be able to attend the second (which is tomorrow night).

    And I will look forward to my city hosting the third next month.

    -Sir John Knighthawke
    Governor of Minoc
  • I wasn't able to be on tonight. How did race 2 go?
  • Winner of the Trinsic Tailwinds Race
    1st = Fin Tok class ship
    2nd = Beth Brit class ship
    3rd = Aridas Tok class ship

    Congrats to all the winners
    and a Trophy for Top Donatation was also presented to Galadriel for her contribution of a 105 and 110 Fishing skills scrolls for 2nd and third place.
  • we are doing a GL GREAT RACE chat channel during race so we also gave updates to all those that joined the channel a play by play as you would, som encountered baddies on the water from nets that were thrown out by some competitors as well as un-named pirate ships lol

  • Minoc's race is one week from tonight!
  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
    1st-3rd will have Prize packages including whetstone, Large Elegant Aquarium, Hooks Chest, 120 Fishing Scroll, 2 drops from current event in each package, Gold, and Trophies!!!
  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
    We are gearing up for this years Races, we hope to make it interesting for ALL!!! 
  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
    WE are Taking registrations for the Britain Barnacle Ship Race, 200k per Reg. Shadow pirates have donated a full Sorcerer Armor Replica set in female and male, and Gargoyle Ship has also been donated by one who does not wish to be mentioned. these will go to 1st-3rd places in the race.
  • GOF has donated to the winner of the race a Enchantress Cameo Repond Slayer. STR 1, HPR 2, HCI 10%, SSI 5%, DI 20%, Pirate Council has donated a Full Sorcerers Armor Replica set with Female/male setup, A person that is not to be named has donated 5 mill to the winner and a Gargoyle Ship to 3rd places.. the donation are on top of the trophies, gold  rewards!!
  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
    Vesper Vessel Race has been canceled. we apologize for this, but to lack of registration it had to be done... the next Race is New Magencia Nautical Race Apr 22nd
  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
    due to lack of participation, The ship races are canceled till further Notice.
    we are planning another for later in the year, more news to come on it.
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