25th Anniversary Triathalon

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In honor of UO's 25th Anniversary, the town of Beruna Pass will be sponsoring a triathalon.

Participants are asked to arrive at the the council chambers at Lord Blackthorn's castle at 8:45 PM on Wednesday September 21 in their birthday suits. (it is afterall UO's birthday!) Participants are encouranged to bring dry docked boats with them. The race will start immediately after the governors' council meeting.

Rules are simple.

Consists of 4 legs and archery competition. Participants move from one leg to the next at their pace for overall best time. i.e. no stopping between individual legs.

Course and checkpoints will be announced at the beginning of each leg.

First leg, participants must run, or walk if you like, or fly if you are a smelly deformed beast. No riding a pet, recalling, or gating.

Second leg will be nautical. Contestants cannot block others from placing boats or reaching docks. All boats must be placed at dock and participants must disembark at the specified dock. After disembarking, participants must dry dock their boat to make room for other participants entering the harbor.

Third and fourth leg will be mounted race on pets.

At the end of the race, there will be an archery competition. 5 shots per contestant. Total score at archery will be deducted from participant's race time. i.e. you score 25 points in archery, 25 seconds will be deducted from your time.

First prize 50 Million Gold
Second prize 25 Million Gold
Third prize 10 Million Gold

First to finish each leg: 1 Million Gold
First place in archery competition: 5 million gold

If a participant wins the overall competition, comes in first in every leg and wins the archery portion: 10 Million gold bonus for total winnings of 69 Million Gold


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