A day of Trove maps

Mylene, Governor of Britain, invites one and all to a day of Trove maps with her "Identical Twin Cousin", Mylene, Guildmaster of the Lake Austin chapter of Treasure Hunters of Britannia.

The maps will be in non-Fel facets only, and I already know that we have Tokuno (1) and Malas (11) Trove maps. The possibility of Ilshenar and Trammel Troves depends on the results of digging the Hoard maps for those I have on hand. I have 19 Trammel, 3 Ilshenar, and 2 Tokuno Hoards remaining to dig, as well as 3 Malas maps I hope to dig tonight on the Island of the Divide (i.e. the home of the Labyrinth, in the area around Lord Mortaigne's old EM house).

The current planned event date is September 11, but may change if the Real World intervenes (I have friends who occasionally need assistance). The maps SHOULD start around 2 PM Eastern time.
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