Enhanced Client - Cycling through "Target Next Enemy" targets objects from previously visited areas

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1. I was killing monsters in Terathan Keep
2. I recalled out
3. I am now outside of Fan Dancer Dojo
4. When I press tab to cycle through "Target Next Enemy", I see corpses of monsters I previously killed

Things of note:

Monsters were killed either via Throwing or via Provocation.


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 962
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    It also cycles through targets on other levels of the dungeon.  Has always amazed me how far away some of the targets are.  Guess I have not seen the event you mentioned yet but especially when things get busy it cycles though a wide range of stuff being everywhere but where you are.  Sooner or later it will get back to your area if you live long enough for it to get back.  When this happens to me, I move the cursor to the target and double click to select it.  I use EC.  At special events this type of thing is quite common.  Don’t think I recall it cycling through the dead stuff though.
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,741
    Is this a continuation of the ghost mob bug?? 
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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 962
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    Might be.  In a dungeon it targets stuff close by but on a different floor but also stuff, if I remember right, over 1,000 squares away.  Don’t pay that much attention to it anymore.  Just start manually targeting when it happens. Does not happen though if it is just me and a couple monsters.  Requires a fair amount of activity going on at the same time.  UO just seems to get confused and goes from one target to the next without regard for where it is with each button push.  Don’t recall it targeting dead stuff but it might.
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