Moonglow PvP Tournament September 17th @ 9p ET

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Calling all PvPers, experienced and not! Moonglow is sponsoring a PvP Tournament on Saturday, September 17th @ 9p ET. Everyone is invited! Whether you are blue or red, make Chesapeake your home or are just visiting … we want to see YOU at the tournament!
The tournament will be held in the cemetery just outside of Moonglow in Felucca. PvP conditions are rarely ideal and the penalty lich in the cemetery should add a nice touch to the tournament.
There will be short breaks between each match to allow for participants to ready themselves. There will be a healer and vet available for post-match care at the Zoo just south of the cemetery. You might also find a shady character at the Zoo willing to take your bets on upcoming matches.
·        Entry Fee: 25,000gp. Pre-registration is required
·        No restrictions (other than no cheating). You’ve spent time and gold on your build and armor … bring it and see how it compares to others! Potions, yes. Tamers, yes. Masteries, yes. Petals, yes. Bring what makes you … YOU!
·        Contestants must stay inside the cemetery during their match
·        Looting of the defeated player is allowed. Be aware of this rule!
·        Luck of the draw pairings! You never know who you’ll meet in the wild and to be truly the best, you must be ready for anything! At registration, you’ll be assigned a number. All numbers will be randomly chosen in pairs to determine the matches
·        Winners play winners (again, random draws), losers go home … or to the spectators’ area for some spirited smack-talking
·        If no one has emerged victorious after 3 minutes into a match, the audience will be encouraged to move things along from outside the fence
·        If no one has emerged victorious after 5 minutes, a draw will be called. Attack fast, attack hard, win!
·        No murder counts to be given during the tournament
·        Please try to contain your enthusiasm for killing to the tournament. What good is winning if no one is alive to tell your tale of victory?

·        First Place: 50 Million GP AND 50% of the entry fees
·        Second Place: 30 Million GP AND 30% of the entry fees
·        Third Place: 20 Million GP AND 20% of the entry fees
·        Through the forums-send a message to Maith Ceol (Maith Ceol on Stratics/TXEggplant on the official forums)
·        Via email: Send a message to
·        PLEASE INCLUDE: Your character’s name, home shard and guild affiliation. These will be announced before your match
·        Registration must be received by Thursday, September 15th @ 11:59p EDT. Matches will be posted in the forums on Friday, September 16th
·        Entry fees are required to be paid by the deadline. Please arrange a time to meet with Maith Ceol before then in-game.
·        If there are not enough entrants by the entry deadline, the tournament will be cancelled, and your entry fee will be returned
Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow

Discord: txeggplant
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