Tavern Night and Net Toss at New Mag Docks - Saturday August 13th

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I will be hosting a Net Toss at the New Magincia docks on Saturday August 13th at 11:59pm EST (midnight Saturday going into Sunday). All are welcome and encouraged to come help us fight some Scalis!

There will also be a tavern night and raffle immediately following the event. Raffle prizes are to be determined, but will include some items like an Undertaker Staff and possibly a few artifacts.

The event is being hosted by myself as Governor of New Magincia and the beautiful Lady Rain, the Governor of Trinsic. Hope to see you there!


  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 211
    Confirming raffle items with be an Undertaker Staff, a Transmog potion for Robe slot, a Crimson Cinture and an LT Sash!
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