Britain-Jhelom Regatta August 10 2022 6 pm

Britain-Jhelom Regatta
Wednesday 10 August 2022
6 PM Pacific Time

The cities of Britain and Jhelom invite you to participate in a regatta! Race your ship from Britain to Jhelom, passing by Trinsic on the way.

Ship categories are:

Large Dragon Ship
Tokuno or Gargoyle Ship
Orc Ship

Ships will set up in the Britain channel, aligned with The Unicorn's Horn tavern of East Britain. 

The start of the race will be announced in the General channel, as will the winners at the finish line.

From the start, sail east and south, past Trinsic, and around to Jhelom. The Jhelomanese Navy will be out in force to indicate the finish line. 

The winner of each category will receive 20 million gold!

The race may be completed by sailing only; no dry-docking your ship and getting to Jhelom by other means!

After the race, celebrate in the hospitable waters of Jhelom with the tossing of Ancient Fishing Nets. Who knows what might pop up!


  • Congratulations to all the participants! Winners were:

    Overall winner, and first place for Tokuno/Gargoyle Ship: Captain Yeva of the Regatta Racer
    First place Orc Ship: Captain Pinoy Radagast of the Cookie Monster
    Second place Orc Ship: Captain Sir Maxius of the Plan B on the C
    Second place Tokuno/Gargoyle Ship: Captain Running Wild of the Wilds Wave Runner
    Third place Orc Ship: Captain ImaWorthless of the HMS ImaBoat
    Third place Tokuno/Gargoyle Ship: Captain Lilith Obsidian of the Doom's Calling

    King Blackthorn stopped by the finish line to toast the winners (and we learned he has quite the singing voice!).  Once the grog was gone, the Governor of Jhelom hosted an epic net toss during which the Scalis Enforcer was trapped by the Jhelomanese Navy several times. A great night on Pacific! 
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