The City of Yew to Host Drunken Daggers at The Treehouse

The City of Yew won the privilege of being the next host of Governor Phoenix’s Traveling Dart League Tournament. In my searching for a Yewnique place to have the event, Golden Goose of The Jesters’ Guild [JOKE] offered to host it at The Treehouse. This event will be called Drunken Daggers!  :)

All participants will be asked to represent a City of their choice. Multiple players may represent the same City, but the competition will be between individuals. The winning player will receive the Traveling Dart League Tournament Trophy and will be asked to be the next host of the tournament.

The rules are simple: There will be three rounds of competition. For each round, the players will be called up one at a time and make 5 throws each and given their total score for that round. At the end of the third round, the player with the highest combined total score wins!

Everyone is welcome to come and try their luck throwing daggers. Of course, there will be plenty of delicious food and drinks to enjoy!  :) 

When: August 9th at 8:00 pm Eastern (Tuesday)

Where: The Treehouse, which is located along the West side of Trinsic at the bridge.


  • JamesJames Posts: 81
    The Drunken Daggers had a great turnout this evening with 9 contestants and 1 spectator. 1st place went to Fiona NicBledri representing the City of New Haven with a total score of 153. 2nd place went to Borganne representing the City of Minoc with a total score of 144. 3rd place went to Elixir Fizzbang representing the City of Yew with a total score of 136. Thanks to Golden Goose for hosting the event at The Treehouse and to everyone that attended.
  • Thank you, Governor James, for hosting such a fun event! This was the first event held at The Treehouse and it was awesome! It was really nice to see a lot of people show up, get drunk, and toss some daggers for Gold and Glory! The Treehouse is always available to anyone wanting to have an event there. Here is a painting of the Drunken Daggers event.

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