Britain and Britain Navy Fishing Contest

Britain and Britain Navy are Hosting a Fishing Contest:

Holy Mackerel-
1st place - 10 mil
2nd place - 5 mil
3rd place - 3 mil
4th place - 2 mil

Gravewater Lake - 93.4 skill level
Jaden Rain


  • Starts now till August 30th Winners announced Aug 30 at 8 pm est at the Salty Dog Tavern in East britain
    Jaden Rain
  • Only one first place or all places winners in case of a tie winners will have 1 day fish off to determine who that one day has the biggest fish
    Jaden Rain
  • Fishing contest ends at 7:00  pm est 
    Jaden Rain
  • Winners of the contest were as follows:
    1st was Adrian Monk - fish weight 175
    2nd was Broken Pickle - fish weight 169
    3rd was Bid McDougle - fish weight 152
    4th was Niamh Cadfael - fish weight 148

    two other entries were very close and received 1 mil gold for participating
    Jaden Rain
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