EJ and Gold/item Sellers

I know Broadsword/EA want to make money off EJ accounts but with these gold/item web sites, they are losing a lot of money, I never could understand that this kind of activity is present. you would think they could be sued or site be shut down. I always wondered if these site just duped items needed and bring in game or are stored somewhere. I bet the amount of lost revenue is huge over time.


  • GalathanGalathan Posts: 4
    I am going to go ahead and lock this thread before it gets ugly and ask that if you see something that is either against the rules of conduct or terms of service that you please report it through the correct channels found here:
    As of the last update from Messana found here, they are receiving and acting on these reports so i urge folks to follow the official channels found on that support page linked above.
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