EM Events - July '22

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Royal Council Meeting ~ Wednesday, 7/20 7pm C
All citizens are welcome to attend!

Fun and Games - Sunday, 7/24 8pm C

Bully (RBG) - Sunday, 7/31 8pm C

Gates at the First Bank of Britannia and east Luna steps.

(All event dates and times subject to change)

EM Mayhem


  • Hey Thrixx, I couldn’t actually find a “weddings” section anywhere on here, but I did find a list of what info to send you.  
    1.  Couples names - Dios De Usted & Reina De Dios
    2.  Requested date August 20, 2022
    3.  Location - still narrowing it down
    4. Vows - we will get those together soon
    5. Rings - gold
    6. Ring inscriptions 
      Reina’s ring from Dios “you are my fantasy, both here and on earth”
      Dios’ ring from Reina (will update soon)
    7. Wedding colors - is glacial blue an option?

    I will email this to you as well.
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