Anni gifts out on TC



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    The book is AWESOME!  <3
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,633
    Skett said:
    Ya should be a gate so we can actually test / see them  :(
    It's kind of funny because this is what we've seen as of late. 

    "Hey everyone go check out the new anniversary rewards!!" and the testing isn't really setup because the only way to get the rewards is to already have had a player there (or TC copy which is down half the time). 

    One would think that they would have placed a stone somewhere in Brit commons to be able to claim as many tokens as you wanted to test all the hues etc. My guess is that they just want to slow play testing for another 30-45 days so that people like McDougle and me don't keep asking about "what's next?" lol
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    keven2002 said:
    McDougle said:
    I'm leaning towards distraction... come on @ Mesanna give us some screenshots of NL  or something to do until sept ..
    We have something to do until September.... It's called jumping to conclusions as we blindly predict what is coming next (or give them ideas of what we want)  :D

  • SkettSkett Posts: 624
    I wish they would use hue 2500 (counterfeit platinum ingots) for the box and rename it strong box (someone else had this idea)

    on the shield use the UO or ankh symbol. Change the shape it looks like an interstate highway sign 

    after drinking the skull should have an empty look and have bobbling or some sort of animation 

    haven’t seen the book yet 

    I really thought this year we would get something really cool 
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,741
    The shield should be a shield if not it's a wall it that.  as a target for transmog it would rock
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    McDougle said:
    The shield should be a shield if not it's a wall it that.  as a target for transmog it would rock
    I agree but it does look like this 

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