Governors Council of Chesapeake Bids You Welcome to the Shimmering Effusion

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Hello. We are wrapping up our 8 Days of Peerless Celebration. You can see the full schedule on the shard forum.

On July 2 at 8p EDT, we will be doing multiple runs of the Shimmering Effusion. I'm sure you all know what a huge pain that is to key so we want to give everyone an opportunity to come and do the fun part ... dispensing of the Shimmering Effusion! 

I don't think there are any quests to get in other than bringing 10k gold to the ticket seller. No worries if you've never done the Peerless boss ... some of us haven't either! Even if you aren't the best fighter, we can always use healers and enthusiasm is a plus :)

If you are interested in joining us for the rest of the celebration schedule, please come on over to Chesapeake and just shout out in chat. All the events start at 8p EDT. 

GCC events are open to everyone regardless of guild affiliation, wing size, shape of ears or presence of knees. All that is required is a willingness to fight, heal and have fun!
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