Atlantic - Events for July

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Thursday, 07/07 @ 9:00PM EDT -
Fabht Tintreach, crafts-loving Pixie that she is, has issued an invitation to the citizens of Atlantic: Please join her at the EM Counselor Hall in Britain for further instructions and crafty fun!

Sunday, 07/10 @ 9:00PM EDT -
Attention Governors of Atlantic: King Blackthorn summons the Royal Council in the Meeting Room at Blackthorn’s Castle.
All citizens are welcome to attend to hear the order of their towns and to raise any concerns.

Monday, 07/18 @ 9:00PM EDT -
Daphne Wilson has discovered new information regarding the disappearance of her father, Frederick Wilson, and has put out a call to all Citizens interested in helping her solve this mystery. She has requested that everyone gather at West Britain Bank for further instructions!

Thursday, 07/21 @ 9:30PM EDT -
EM Petrichor is excited to Meet & Greet the citizens of Atlantic! Please join him at the EM Counselor Hall!

Thursday, 07/28 @ 9:30PM EDT -
Please meet at the EM Counselor Hall for more details!


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