Atlantic PvP Mage Tournament

In an effort to revitalize the 1vs1 mage dueling community of old days, I am looking to host re-occurring mage tournaments! Current projected plans are to host a tournament every 2 months to spark interest back into my favorite aspect of the game. Absolutely no entry fees, nothing to lose and everything to gain! See attached ad for more details. Contact/Register/Questions via Discord @ zerbee#9324. 


  • ArchangelArchangel Posts: 460
    Love the idea!
  • ReikoReiko Posts: 30
    Gentle bump - Last week to register! 
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
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    Can we get 6 x cameo and 1 custom castle as reward!!!?
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  • ReikoReiko Posts: 30
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    Tournament rosters have been finalized! One of the registered duelists, who asked to remain anonymous, donated an extra 500mil bringing the total grand prize to 1Plat! Best of luck to all! If you missed your chance to register then catch the next Tournament estimated to be hosted in August! See attachment for details!
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,237
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    Good stuff @Reiko.

    Funny that I don't really see anyone in the tourny in Gen Chat talking crap about PvP 24/7. Guess those guys don't like to 1 on 1 with no scripts. :D
  • AmberWitchAmberWitch Posts: 668
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    I'm blind and can't find it! When is this and I want to watch? :D
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    keven2002 said:
     with no scripts. :D

    "that is not one of the rules, can still script, i don't care if people script"
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  • PlayerSkillFTWPlayerSkillFTW Posts: 538
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    Mage PvP Tournaments actually meant something back in the day, before scripts came to dominate PvP. Now there's even third party clients that go beyond that.
  • ReikoReiko Posts: 30
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    I'm blind and can't find it! When is this and I want to watch? :D
    The duels are all private between the duelists and myself. There is no single time since scheduling everyone all on one day is a mess. So it is going to be throughout July. I will be recording all of them and then uploading it all in a video. Link to be provided once it is ready.
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