Is there an optimal repair strategy?

Like, waiting till there's a certain amount of durability left, using certain items, etc?


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,817
    For jewels I tend to wait until the durability is at 30 before fixing. Going below that and the chance of a repair failure appears to go up.
  • Estel_RandirEstel_Randir Posts: 189
    For blacksmithed items, get a +60 ancient hammer and make 180 skill repair deeds (you will hardly ever fail a repair). For the rest getting below 20ish durability can often result in a failure (maybe 30%?). I am lazy, I normally wait until I get a warning.
  • AragornAragorn Posts: 293
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    For skills with 100 max I repair at 40, I tried at 30 before I will get a failed repair once every few (within 10) repairs which costs you 2xx durability which doesn't justify for me to risk any further as it's just 10 points difference

    For 180 blacksmith you can repair at 0 or 1 and I have never failed. 

    For 120 tailoring I usually repair at 5-10

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    “Aragorn’s answer here is v good”
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  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 211
    For tinkering, I think the sweet spot is in the 30's.  I don't recall too many repair fails if you get it before it dips that low.   If you wait until is less than 10, there is going to be a high chance of multiple fails and lots of durability loss.  I learned that the hard way, unfortunately. 

    For tailoring, as long as you repair it before less than 10, you're generally okay if using a 120 repair deed.    

    For blacksmithing, I don't think I've ever failed with the 180 repair deeds no matter what durability. 
  • usernameusername Posts: 738
    I do not believe it matters what durability you repair at. Sometimes I will repair at 100, sometimes 50, sometimes 0, and in 25 years I've never noticed a difference on success/fail rate. I do believe this is a long running myth but it would be very cool if a dev @Kyronix could chime in or if anyone actually had a dev source on this.

    What does seem to make a difference is 180 skill repair (smith) VS 100 skill repair. 180 skill repair seems to be 99% repair success while 100 skill repair is like 33%. Carp, tink and bowcraft inherently get totally screwed for no reason in this regard. I have asked for this several times, including at dev M&G, but no one seems to care.
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    They need to give us +100 Tinkering tool to repair the jewelry.
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