Hey guys. This is Raistlin Majere. I own the runebook library at the bottom tip of Ice Isle.   I've been wanting to add some more runebooks to the library as in older ones or personal ones you don't use anymore to give my library a little vintage feel.  I have a mailbox which should be set up to drop in or you can find me in the house all times of the day.  Or feel free to leave a message here or on my message board.  Thanks!

Also wtb a spellbook with 50% damage increase.   I know they are rare but if anyone has one let me know. 


  • Also if anyone have a rune library please leave a rune or message. Thanks 
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    If I can find the "Cash/Fame" runebook I liberated from Atwix's brother ... I will gladly share that one. 

    It may have been all cash/fame when he marked it but after we came back, it was all death/sadness spots haha!
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  • That is just the type of books I'm looking for lol 
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