Yew Penn, May Edition

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May 2022 Edition


Editor: Idril Eladar

Reporters this month: Idril Eladar, Katie Sage, Itannar

Photos captured by: Lord Bytor, Katie Sage, Pitr, Lia D'Ald and Peregrin Lore

The Yew Pen is produced in Yew and published after the Governors’ Meeting.


Editorial: What can be said about a land without strong leadership, a king who is reported to be a toad, and a governor’s meeting run by Sherry the Mouse who reported she is in fear of being eaten every time she must visit King Blackthorns chambers.


Breaking News. Former Governor of Skara Brae, Tobin Mandril was found by Governor Amira severely beaten and bleeding profusely in the Governor’s Office. Amira quickly ran to Tobin and gathered her in her arms. As she held Tobin gently, she took her final breath and whispered the name of her killer, … Suka.


The Moreno Gang. Continues to remain in hiding. It is rumored they are bunkered up on an island somewhere plotting their next crime. However, individual members of this gang continue to murder citizens across the lands. Suka’s has been named responsible for beating up citizens, her own family of origin members, and killing the King’s guards. Suka has several bounties on her head, so if you need money, now is the time to cash in!


April 30th YEW. The cultists have been busy in the Yew woods. The summoning sound of a drum beat throughout the day, drawing, from the depths of the land, shadowy figures, orcs, pixies, and others. Radim requested help from Sosaria citizens and a battle to drive back the cultists ensued. After the cultists saw they were defeated, they retreated, leaving behind a blackrock pentagram, blackrock summoning table, and various pagan and alchemists texts. The orc fort was destroyed by fire and the orc were poisoned with black rock

On May 18, Governor Chanticleer of Trinsic, Skrug, leader of Buurzum Tribe Orcs and Guardian of the Sacred Orc Fort, along with their representatives and concerned citizens of Yew met with Governor Idril and the King’s Watchman, Radim Bartos, to discuss the dire situation in Yew.

When Radim arrived at the meeting, he was seriously injured. Radim relayed that he had been attacked by an ancient blackrock infected orc lord, a Shardies, to the local orcs, coming up from the south.  It appears the rituals performed outside of Shame and at the orc fort, conducted by the Cultists (Armageddon Cult/Zog Cabalists) were the beginning of the summoning of the Mad Piper and Shardies. Most concerning, Radim reported the King has not responded to his request for assistance. His parchments to the King go unanswered. Perhaps the King is not available due to an undisclosed illness (toadness).

Radim brought the Governor’s group to the site of the most recent attack on him. Distant drums continue to be heard along with the Mad Piper’s flute, like a distracting sirens call.  As noted in the picture, the forest, moving north to south, has been overgrown with fungi and reeks of noxious odors.  

Although a plan of action was not decided that evening, all agreed Yew was in serious trouble. After the meeting, Governor Idril issued a call to arms to the citizens of Sosaria

May 21. Istilekai the Fairy, once again called for help. She expected to meet up with Radim and his assembled group to rescue the Yew wilderness. With Radim’s failure to appear, and no word or troops from the King, Istilekai the Fairy appealed directly to the assembled for assistance. Sosaria’s brave rose to the occasion and followed Istilekai into a fierce battle for the life of Yew.

Without the King’s assistance, Radim ‘s injuries continue to worsen. Although he arrived late, he managed to pull himself together enough to lend assistance to the ongoing battle. He fought with all he could give. The heroes of Sosaria managed to fend off the attackers, for now, but little was done to save the forest. 

TRINSIC By Katie Sage, Trinsic Reporter

May 4. Governor Chanticleer held a town meeting. The following highlights the meeting ...

1.      The Governor announced that Suka, Pirate and Murderer, along with her crew are wanted by the Trinsic Authorities. No reward is offered; it is your Civic Duty.

2.      Tanila gave a report on latest information of Moreno and “The Family.” The family has not been seen or heard from since the diamond theft. She showed a parchment with possible locations of their current hideout. Tanila reports that the King is sending Roysia Avelot to assist Tanila in hunting down the family. Tanila is not happy with this; she believes Roysia will only slow things down. The family has become a personal issue for Tanila; she wants revenge for her lost love! Chanticleer and Tanila we set up a meeting with the King to devise an action plan.

3.      Chanticleer assured Phoebe Nox that Trinsic does not take issue with her over turning the king into a toad.

4.      Haxley requested to speak. He addressed concerns from some of the citizens of Trinsic. The writers of the words “dishonored” in the Trinsic Barricks came forward to him. This citizen group is extremely unhappy with how the King is handling Trinsic affairs. They used these words as a way to gain attention. They realize this was not the best way and apologize for their actions. They will not deface property again. But they wanted the governor to understand they are unhappy with the Crown. They believe the current King as failed them; Lord British he is not. He has failed to protect them from Moreno and his gang; he has failed to stop the Zog/Cabal. They want Trinsic to succeed from the Kingdom. This request was not received well by some the of people attending the meeting.

5.      Naomi Razele came into the meeting battered and bruised from her run in with Suka. It appears another Skara Brae guard has been killed by Suka.

After the meeting was over, Governor Chanticleer invited everyone back to the tavern for drinks and discussion. A unknown bard was trying to engage with people around a flute he reportedly lost. Once he heard King Backthorn was in possession of the flute, he transformed into the Mad Piper and escaped from the building before guards could capture him.



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    Who Burnt Phoebe’s House in the Fen?

         It has been suggested Chanticleer may know more about this than he has admitted…

         It has also been suggested King Blackthorn may be behind the fire ….

    Why has the King failed to respond to pleas for help from Radim Bartos and Governor Idril?

         It has been suggested the King is a toad in more ways than one …..has his brain become that of a toad?

    Is there another reason Sherry the Mouse avoids Blackthorn’s Chambers …     Sherry the Mouse presided for the King who was unable to officiate his job (His Toadness). Sherry reported that while she would share the information with the King, she was avoiding his chamber because she did not wish to become his next meal ... Do Toads eat Mice or do Mice eat Toads???? 


    GOVERNOR ELECTION TIME: It is time to vote for a Governor for your Town.  Over the next week, governors and challengers will be posting their intent on the Town Stones.  As of this writing, the Governors running are:

    Jhelom: Governor Frey

    New Magencia: Governor Pitr is being challenged by Sage.

    Minoc:   Governor Anne Nomilly

    Britain: Captain Scurvy, a new name to the stone but not to Britain

    Trinsic:  Governor Chanticleer

    Minoc: Existing Governor Kaz is challenged by Pitr (not the Governor of New Magencia).

    Skara Brae:  - Xuri has put her name on the stone to return as governor. She is being challenged Barby Q Chicken.  That is sure to be a sizzling match! Fried Chicken anyone!

    Vesper: Governor Bytor

    Yew: Governor Idril Eladar

    Get out and vote, it’s your civic duty!


    UNITED PIRATES have been hitting the high seas; plunder beacons, orc ships and merchant vessels are not safe! Thanks to Yew’s best spymaster acting as deck hand, we have actual proof of their carnage. Citizens beware, your ships are not safe on the seas!


    Governor’s Meeting by Katie Sage

    Standing in for King Blackthorn was Sherry the Mouse. It appears the King is incapable of doing much but chase flies for dinner.


    Jhelom: Governor Frey reports the construction on the new threatre is complete but it appears to be cursed. Details as to the type of curse and affects of the curse are varied. It seems to affect each person different. Therefore, all shows have been cancelled until further notice.

         Governor Frey firmly stated to Sherry the Mouse that the Moreno Family is NOT in Jhelom!

    New Magencia: Governor Pitr reports things are quiet in New Magencia. He continues to try to negotiate with Katrina but her demands are steep, his council is ready for a new term, and the Royal British Guard training is complete.

    Minoc: Governor Anne Nomilly reports thing in Minoc are back on track. She has heard rumors that Minoc may be one Moreno’s next targets. Vesper appears to be the other possible target. Anne prepared a detailed report for the King and asked Sherry the Mouse to deliver it. She may require assistance from the King.

    Britain: Governor Shenzin reported some disturbing news. A red named Raider was seen on top of the bank. The King’s guards were called but failed to respond. Luckily Governor Pitr saw what was happening and sent his Great Blackrock Dragon to assist. Raider is no more. Shenzin also reports several skeleton nights are stationed at his office. Shenzin expressed his concern that the King may be in danger, especially in view of the guards failure to act when called.

    Trinsic: Acknowledging Sherry the MouseGovernor Chanticleer inquired as to the state of the king. Sherry the Mouse responded with her standard reply that the king was indisposed.

         Trinsic has a Town Meeting planned for June 15, at 8:30pm est. At the last Town Meeting Governor Chanticleer reported the mystery of the graffiti “Dishonored” was uncovered. A significant group of Trinsic citizens expressed their displeasure with the King and his lack of providing support for Trinsic with Moreno family and the loss of so many Paladin lives in recent months. The King not being there added to Governor Chanticleer’s frustration. He wants the King to declare war on the “Family”. This has gone far beyond criminal nuisance. Moreno and the Family are a foreign invading army and need to be handled as such. Governor Chanticleer respectfully requested Sherry the Mouse to pass this urgent information on to the king. Sherry the Mouse assured Governor Chanticleer she would pass the information on but added she does not often go to the King’s Chambers as she does not wish to become his next meal.

         Trinsic will ship the last of Ine’s socialists out. He did not disclose to where, but I am sure it is not a happy place.

    Moonglow: Governor Kaz reported that he has spent much time in the catacombs reading texts and books. He has not discovered much but his search continues.

         He stressed dismay over Suka and her ghastly deeds. He emphasized the bounty on her head still stands, dead or alive!

    Skara Brae: Governor Amira, voice cracking reported that Governor Tobin Mandrel, was brutally attacked and left dying in the Governor Amira’s office. She said Tobin was bleeding and profusely. She gently caressed Tobin and with her dying breath, whispered the name Suka. Governor Amira also reported another dead guard outside of the office. Governor Amira will not be running for Governor again. She feels someone stronger and more equipped to handle the brutality occurring would be better suited for office.

    Vesper: Governor Bytor reported Vesper was very quiet. No sign of the family has been reported.

    Yew: Governor Idril Eladar reported anger over the King’s failure to respond to Radim Bartos parchments and his failure to assist Yew. The King’s failure to respond to Radim has placed this Watchman life in danger. (An example of how poorly the King treat’s his men.) Yew is being attacked from the North by the Mad Piper and from the South by Dark Warlord Orcs. In addition a plague of fungi is taking over the forests. The fungi is coming from the north and spreading south. It is believed that the fungi originated in Istilekai the Fairy’s land during the attack by the Mad Piper.

         Itannar, Captain of the Wardens of the Yew Commonweath, sent a Parchment to the King, requesting assistance for Yew. Since the King is a toad, can he even read?


    During the open discussion for Sosarian citizens, a young girl came forward and challenged Governor Idril to explain why people are disappearing from Yew and how is handling this terrible situation. She stated several of her family members are missing and feels the governor has been remiss in handling this situation. The young girl was later identified as River. In addition Okami expressed displeasure over a number of things in recent years, including what he called fixed governor elections and little to no action from the King on serious matters. It is his belief that, he, Okami, should be made King.


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    In Britain, Trammel?

    An assassin managed to come into Britain, intent on killing Governor Shenzin. Governor Shenzin reports “I called for the King’s Guards aid twice, no one came. But a true friend, Governor Pitr, came along and dispatched the Red with his faithful Blackrock Dragon. If the assassin had not been stopped would King Blackthorn be the next target?”. We thank you Governor Pitr for you timely intervention. As of this writing, 2 skeletal mages are stationed outside of the Governor’s office.



     Itannar, Captain of the Wardens of the Yew Commonweath, filed the following report to Idril Eladar,

    Governor of Yew: "Your Honor, In my daily patrols and visits among the townsfolk in outlying residences, I happened upon a family distraught by the death of a loved one. I entered their home and spoke with them. What I write below is the conversation we had as best I can reproduce it from memory. The farmer's name was Neil and his wife, Esmerelda. As I rode by, he saw me and hailed me. I went to him and we spoke. "Captain, please, come inside. I have something I want to show you," he said. I followed him inside as his wife came from the field to join us. The room had several people in it, men and women, some children playing. I could see it was a solemn gathering. I saw one or two of the women crying. (ed

    He led me to a bedroom, and I saw on it a corpse, draped with a sheet. He pulled it back for me to see the face. It was the young girl, River, who had spoken out at the Governor's meeting. It appeared her throat had been cut or lacerated in some way. I could not be sure if it were by a weapon, claws, or fangs. If i had to guess, I would say a bladed weapon. She had been dead quite some time. "I am deeply sorrowful for your loss, sir, and you, ma'am. I will find the perpetrator and bring him or her to justice," I swore. Then he handed me a parchment. "Look at this," he said. I read it slowly and was speechless. It read: "Let this serve as an example and warning." "It was clutched in her hands," he sobbed. "She was murdered! She went to that meeting and never made it back," he lamented. "I told her not to go and she promised she wouldn't but she did anyway, slipping out of the house.

    "Forgive me sir, but if I am to find the killer or killers, I must ask you some questions," I said to him. He lifted his face and glared at me with what seemed to be pure hatred. "YOU killed her! She went to protest these disappearances and she embarrassed you. I was told you sat behind her at the meeting after she had spoken! You followed her and killed her!" His rage was palpable, and I prepared myself for an attack that never came.

    "I did not kill her sir!" I was kind yet firm in the denial. "I wanted to talk to her afterward about the claims she made but she ran off before the meeting ended. I was there to protect and assist the Governor, so I remained. I had planned to address her concerns. She disparaged the Governor by her remarks, yes, but we do not kill citizens for such things. Were that the case, most of them would be dead by now. You are talking rubbish sir, in your grief, and I excuse it only for that reason. Now, please help me in finding out who the true perpetrator is."

    That seemed to help clear his head. I asked him when he learned she was gone and where the body was found. He led me to a stand of trees not far from her home. From my own research I determined she left the house and was killed shortly after. It was not on the way home; it was as she was going. Dogs traced her footfalls from the house, and they went no further. She was heading toward the moon gate and never made it. He told me she did not use magic in any form, so I know she was on foot.

    I offered my condolences and gave a sum of gold to offset funeral expenses. I told them I would be back to further assist. This seemed to prove our innocence to them, but their grief was overwhelming, nonetheless.

    It is my belief that the girl we saw at the meeting murdered her and took her place. This means the person imitating her had an agenda which at least was clearly to embarrass us and foment instability if not outright insurrection. That they, whoever they are, would stoop to cold blooded murder of an innocent to further their cause, suggests that we are dealing with a criminal element, not a mere criminal, and we had best take precautions. I am certain they will strike again using the mayhem already underway in Yew as cover for their nefarious plots, whatever they may be.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this paper. I hope you found something of interest here.

    The Yew Pen seeks writers and stories. If you have a story, you want printed or want to cover an area for the paper, please contact Idril Eladar via pigeon or drop a parchment in her mailbox at the Yew Town Hall. Reporters are needed to cover our Tavern Night Rotation. Please help.

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