Final Analysis

McIanMcIan Posts: 16

For weeks now Dharzhal T'Ar, the emancipated dark elf, poured over every scrap of information, literature, recent and ancient, legends, lore, mysteries and whisperings concerning the events unfolding in Yew.  All was leading him back to the same place:  a conspiracy of epic proportions involving several disassociated groups led by mad men and women connected by a common goal:  destruction, evil, mayhem and carnage.  Whether some had the same reason or another, the focus of the entire array of groups was to bring about a new age of chaos and possibly the revival of apocalypse, the ultimate dissolution of the known world.

 Yet there was little that could be done at the moment.  The king was a toad, perhaps capable of speech but perhaps equally incapable as a toad to apply reason or logic.  Some of the governors clamored for action, others seemed to sit by and watch events unfold, maybe hoping that whatever calamity befell other cities would not happen to theirs and they would come out of the destruction stronger than their rivals, stronger than ever.

 And then as his own forsaken heritage by blood had taught him since youth, to despise humans and surface elves, he asked himself:  Why should I care?  They fight and war, kill, steal, loot, cheat and pillage one another and then claim superiority over his kind, the orcs, and all others.  Let them stew in their own arrogance until the flames purge them all, bringing them down to the level of those they so pervasively despise; a lesson in humility that even their own sages had failed to teach them.

 He drew in a deep breath and steadied himself.  No, that was not the way.  That was the way of his kin and many, if not most, humans.  What would befall one race would eventually befall the rest.  They all must work together for the benefit of all - the bystanders and shirkers be cursed.

 He vowed to continue his studies and speak as often as those in power would permit; those who still cared that they all stood on the brink of the abyss and possibly the end of the world, however few of them there may be.

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