Urgent Official Letter to King Blackthorne

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In the adminstrative mailbox the following missive arrives addressed to the King and also as "urgent."  It is sealed officially and is from the Warden Captain of Yew, Itannar Darkanor who serves under the oversight of Governor Idril Eladar:

"Your Majesty,

Greetings.  I pray ye do well and that thy current dilemma is solved or else well on its way to being so.  Ye have my deepest condolences sire.

I write this to thee concerning an extremely dire situation that is developing in Yew, whereof I am appointed chief among its official defenders.  To wit, I am deeply concerned about the continuing encroachments of malignant vegetation, animate or otherwise, and the invasion of mindless yet powerful orcs.  These forces have laid waste to a vast section of Yew and appear to be approaching its more habitable and inhabited environs.  Not only that but an insane minstrel commonly referred to as the "Mad Piper" has made visitations to the region.  While ongoing investigations of these matters are currently in progress, the real issue is leadership, or a lack thereof, by the principal authorities whose responsibility it is to provide a personal and military presence in defense of Yew - namely, thyself sire.

It is true that one of thy principals, Radim, has been seen fighting against these monstrosities and leading our combined forces in determining a solution.  Yet thy own presence has been noticeably invisible, for lack of a more diplomatic expression.  While it is also true ye have been hindered by a sudden alteration in being, it is clear ye are unable or unwilling to show thyself or even allow Radim to marshal thy own military forces in relief of our ongoing struggle.

I must say that morale is ebbing sire.  The citizens are asking us what we are doing about this.  We must give answers.  A small town such as Yew may not have the resources nor population of others in thy oversight,  but it is, and always has  been, a loyal thaneship and prodigious contributor of resources to the empire's overall commonwealth.  It is worthy of more of thy attentions than it is currently receiving.  Sending volunteer troops to defend it is much appreciated.  However, Yew cannot pay those who feel, rightly, a desire to compensated for their troubles, injuries, used resources, and other expenses incurred in its defense.  That responsibility, sire, if I may be so bold to say, is thy own and thine alone.  It cannot be dismissed nor delegated to others no matter what thy condition.  Thy own presence, and that of the royal troops, cannot continue to be absent from this conflict.

I must state plainly that this ongoing inattention to dire matters will not be forever ignored.  I speak not only of myself but of others.   Neither I nor none I know would ever unjustly desire to detach themselves from the realm ye rule, sire.  Yet it seems this is already the status quo of our relationship.  Unless action is taken immediately to provide for the common defense, the deployment of thy person and the royal troops, we may be forced to our own means of governance yet future.   I pray this will not be the case; that action is forthcoming.  If so, then certainly dismiss my concerns herein.  But if not, please view it as both a plea and advisement of what may yet come to pass.

In Sincerity and Truth,

Itannar Darkanor
Warden Captain
Yew Commonwealth" 


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    Wish all your men show same Valour what you do. Stories going to be written about your courage long after you are gone
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