VvV Horse and 16th anni horse fix

The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 408
I think its time to make VvV and 16th anniversary horse "3" slot to stop the mass scripting of popping horses in pvp.  Make so people have to fight instead of this lousy non stop running crap they call pvp today!!! @Kyronix @Bleak


  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 1,571
    edited May 17
    "stop dismount pet kill. You would be forcing everyone to run ninjitsu to escape gank.
    Not sure how making them 3 slot will aid anything. 
    can give a command 'a war horse release' before popping a new one.

    I don't have a problem with people summoning new VvV horse, they are char bound so people must do towns to get them. Encourages action, but maybe make 16th anni horse have delay like pet ball summon" 

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  • gaygay Posts: 163
    Nah, it's even easier to fix than bumping control slots.

    Make using items that summon a pet (VvV/Anniv/Tritons/Birds of Prey/etc) function the same as a pet ball or an ethereal. In that it forces a 3 second cast that stops the player's movement, and is interrupted by taking damage (Cannot be protected via the protection spell).
    Done, easy.

    The mechanic already exists, just re-purpose it.

    Also, make sure the cast cannot be gimmicked with alternate race stone shoes (human/elves using gargoyle stone boots to break the paralyze cast effect)
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