EM Event Schedule | May 2022

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Here’s event schedule for May

Main Event - SECRET | Eye of Providence

Saturday May 14th 09:00PM KST (GMT+9)

Meeting Place: Trammel, Britain EM Hall

Sir Reynard sent a message to you to meet him. There’s no explanation in it. But it sounds very urgent and unexpected. Perhaps SECRET found something very dangerous...

Mini Event - Stool Dragger

Saturday May 28th 09:00PM KST (GMT+9)

Meeting Place: Trammel, Britain EM Hall

Stools are a good furniture to sit on or put your dirty feet on. But there’s something more. Join the challenge, win the game, and become famous all around the realm! 

Governor Meeting

There’s no governor meeting this month due to we don’t have much active governors at this time. However, if you’re interested in this position and willing to do its duty, please send an email. But you must qualified for the position to be appointed. Following royal cities and citizens are awaiting governors:

  • Britain
  • Jhelom
  • Minoc
  • Moonglow
  • New Magincia
  • Trinsic

See you in Britannia.

EM Nihil

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