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I will admit that when I built my sampire suits, I never considered FC anywhere, but with this new event, and I am just going to assume most similar events going forward, I think FC might be necessary to consider.  While looking up some basics, I saw that FC is capped at 2 for Chiv IF Magery or Mysticism is 70+.  I could have sworn I read a long time ago that Necromancy was also a part of that list, which was probably why I had no FC on my suits in the first place.  Do any other skills affect the FC4 cap for Chiv?  Or is it just Magery and Myst?

I was also debating going all in on a FC4 Chiv/Spellweaver for events as an alt just because I need more than1 option for things lol.  Spellweavers seem to have come out in droves for this.


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    Spellweaving offers great area damage spells.  Can’t answer your other questions but casting speed makes a difference for some chiv. spells.  Also need to cast protection a magery spell.  It really surprised me the first time my fighter got the message his concentration was disturbed.  Hope you get answers to your question.
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    "I helped compile some of the wikis on this sort thing, I'm confident the information is correct. If you find otherwise let us know. 

    As for the protection comment, that would sort of defeat the object of having Faster Casting. As it reduces the faster casting cap by 2, 
    But it would help you if had only FC2. 

    Please note the ingame descriptions of what protection does is not correct and a bug report has been raised for it
    protection buff description is not technically correct - Ultima Online Forums (uo.com)

    Seems the team are 4 years behind on simple text changes even? @Misk @Bleak "
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    Alot of good catches there in Meryvn's old thread.  The Protection in-game tip should really be fixed, along with some others pointed out in the link shared by Yoshi. 

    Is this possible to be fixed in next publish?  @Kyronix

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